Large Sculpture Dimensions

Looking North, cast glass 15” high
Cresting Wave, cast glass 22” long
Resting Ice Bear
, cast glass 17” long
Rising Ice Bear, cast glass 12” long
Arctic Wolf, bronze 25” long
Brown Bear, Sow, cast glass 12” long
Brown Bear, Cubs, cast glass 6” long
Calling the Pack, bronze 19” high
Fawn, bronze 15” long
Fog Bow, cast glass 12” high
Vixen and Kits, bronze 16” long
Vixen and Kits, cast glass 16” long
Fox, bronze 11” high
Night Vision, bronze 15” high
Diving Otter, bronze 30” high on marble base
Sleeping Otter, bronze 15” wide
Bluefin Tuna, cast glass 14” long
Ripple, cast glass 14” long
Icelandic Horses, raku fired clay 8” long
The Way Through, smoke fired clay 10” long
Sea Otter, raku fired clay 16” long